Chin Chin Labs -Camden Open everyday 12-7pm - 49-50 Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF, London

Dessert Bar - Open every Fri/Sat 5-11pm - Hawker House, Canada Street, SE16 2XU, London

Chin Chin Club Soho - Open everyday 1-9 - (Fri/Sat 1-10pm) 54 Greek Street, W1D 3DS, London


This week’s flavours:


Tonka Bean


Burnt Butter CARAMEL

The Brown- wich - Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

Sticky Toffee Pudding Sundae (w/earl grey ice cream) - Hawker House



Tiramisu Sundae - Soho

Mango & Coconut Cake- Vegan - Camden

Banana Melt Sundae - Camden

Wild Blueberry & Gin - Vegan- Hawker House

Cinnamon S’moreswich – Hawker House

Avocado & Fried Corn - Soho

Vietnamese Coffee - Soho

Grilled Peach - Soho

Raspberry & Lychee -Vegan- Soho

Basil Chocolate Chip- Soho - Camden

The Avo Taco- Soho

The Choux-wich - Soho




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